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Zotrim Tablets 

Zotrim is the weight loss tablet with an added bonus, its three natural ingredients also give you an extra energy boost too.


We find out just effective Zotrim slimming tablets are at helping you lose weight, and keeping it off permanently.


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Zotrim Tablets Review


What are Zotrim tablets?

Zotrim is different to many other fat reduction pills we have looked at. It comprises of a combination of three organic plant extracts - Damiana, Guarana and Yerba Mate.


All of these extracts have been clinically certified to lower your calorie consumption, prevent snacking in between meals, and provide you with more energy.

It's this combination that aids you to consume less, cut out snacking, and step-up the volume of physical activity you do. If you are looking for a healthy, and natural way to lose weight then Zotrim should be at the top of your list.


Zotrim Key Benefits:

   Endorsed to aid fat loss in 8 clinical trials
   Contains 100% organic ingredients
   Boosts fat loss AND increased metabolism

   Excellent value for money

   Non-Drug classification - Available without prescription
   Manufactured in the UK with excellent customer support
   30 day money back refund policy

   Free Shipping in the UK


What do Zotrim tablets contain?


Zotrim contains the following 100% natural ingredients -



A small shrub-like plant which grows in the Caribbean, it us utilised for a wide range of cures including treatments for colds and coughs, and even for creating an aphrodisiac effect!

Yerba Mate

Is a type of holly plant native to South America, it has been proven to have an appetite suppressant effect when combined with the other ingredients.




Commonly used in a wide variety of foods to boost energy levels. It is safe to use but does contain a small amount of caffeine. The total caffeine found in a daily dose of Zotrim is the equivalent to drinking just one cup of coffee. 


Is Zotrim clinically proven to work?


Zotrim has been proven to work in up to eight separate independent clinical trials, with reports of up to 8lbs weight reduction in two weeks over the placebo group.

Many products claim to be scientifically backed yet most are simply using a study carried out on just one of the ingredients, not a trial or clinical test carried out on the entire product.

Zotrim however is unique as all of the scientific evidence has been compiled from tests on the formulation itself, not just an individual ingredient.



Zotrim Tablets Conclusion  4.5/5

Zotrim has filled a nice gap in the weight loss market by offering dieters a safe and proven appetite suppressant, with the added benefit of an effective energy booster.


Zotrim is without a doubt one of the best value-for-money diet pills we have encountered. Zotrim is an affordable AND a proven slimming pill, which we have no hesitation in recommending.


Where to buy Zotrim?


Zotrim can be purchased direct from the Evolution Slimming Superstore from only 17.99 (based on the three month package) with fast FREE delivery. Click the button below to go directly to the deal. 



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