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Stop Hunger Pains



When you're on a diet, hunger is the main thing that stands in your way to successful weight loss. When you're trying your hardest to eat less but your stomach is calling out for food, it can be hard to ignore.


We look at some of the best tricks to stop hunger pangs, and keep you on the right track with your diet.




The best ways to stop hunger



What are hunger pains?

Hunger pains can be experienced in both the brain and stomach, with most people experiencing physical stomach contractions after around 5-6 hours of going without food.


Why do I feel hungry even after eating?


Sometimes hunger pains can be brought on by emotional factors such as stress or when we are upset.


Some people rely on food as an emotional crutch when they are feeling down, and this can manifest itself as actual hunger pains, even if enough food has been consumed.


Hunger and weight loss


Hunger pains can make it extremely difficult to follow a low calorie diet for any length of time, and is often the cause why most diets fail. We have compiled a selection of top tips on how to control your hunger;


 Stop hunger pains with protein


Try and consume foods which are high in protein and rich in fibre, as they will keep you feeling fuller for much longer. Recent research has shown that people who consume eggs for breakfast eat far less calories throughout the day. Eggs are high in Protein, in addition to fish, lean meat and soy products.


 Stop hunger pains with a brisk walk


Hunger cravings can often appear when we are bored or stressed. Taking the dog for a walk or keeping yourself busy can take your mind off food.


 Stop hunger pains with a glass of water


Dehydration can feel very similar to hunger and produce the same physical effects. So next time you reach for a snack, try consuming a tall glass of cold water and wait 10 minutes to see if your hunger subsides.


 Stop hunger pains with an appetite suppressant


Most over-the-counter appetite suppressants contain cactus extract as their key ingredient.


Cactus extract can help normalise blood sugar levels and prevent the insulin spikes and crashes which can cause hunger.


Proactol is one such appetite suppressant which features prickly pear extract - clinically proven to reduce food cravings without causing any negative side effects.


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