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Quick Weight Loss Diet


If you are looking for a rapid weight loss diet then you have come to the right place. 


Losing weight can sometimes seem like an uphill battle, there is so much weight loss advice out there that people get bogged down and forget the basics. Read our top tips for successful weight loss here.   





What's The Best Quick Weight Loss Diet?



Are you looking to lose a few extra pounds? Are you fed up of embarking on hard to follow weight loss fads? Then it could be time to get back to basics. Give these quick weight loss diet tips a try, and banish that fat for good.


1. Set a weight loss goal


How many pounds would you like to lose? Jot it down. A goal is no different than writing down something you need from the supermarket. You're saying this is something that I need to do.
2. Begin exercising


This can be anything that elevates your heart rate and burns calories. It could be something as simple as getting off the bus a few stops early and walking the rest of the way to work, or leaving the car at home next time you pick up some shopping. The good news is you don't have to go to the gym to get in shape, just start off slow and gradually build up the amount you do.



3. Swap fizzy drinks and fruit juice for water


If you drink a lot of fizzy drinks or fruit juice you could be consuming more calories than you thought. A 200ml glass of orange juice can contain over 200 calories. Just changing a few of your regular drinks to bottled water can save you hundreds of calories per day.


4. Clean out the Junk


That Big Mac, fries and coke weighs in at almost 1400 calories and 187g of carbs. Thatís 2/3 of your recommended daily allowance in one sitting! Fast food is no doubt the biggest contributing factor to todayís rising obesity levels.


5. Drink Plenty of Water


Many times hunger is often mistaken for thirst. Some of the physical effects of dehydration are the same as when we have not eaten and missed a meal.


Next time you feel the urge to snack, try drinking a glass of water and see if the urge subsides. Studies have shown that drinking ice cold water also speeds up metabolism, as the body has to raise the temperature of the water before it can be metabolised.


6. Don't be fooled by "celebrity" diet plans or other diet fads


Extreme dieting such as very low calorie diets often cause the body to enter starvation mode, this means that although you may lose weight in the first few weeks it often comes back with a vengeance when the diet is over.


Fluid diets such as the Beyonce lemonade diet can cause hair loss, brittle nails and bad skin, and as such are not endorsed by doctors or nutritionists. Instead, look for long term and sustainable weight loss plans which don't severely restrict your calorie intake, you are far more likely to succeed and keep the weight off in the long term.


Our advice is to join a weight loss group such as weight watchers online, or if you are looking for a diet plan tailored to you, then Tesco Diets comes highly recommended.


Tesco diets can be joined from as little as £1.50 per week, and offers users a choice of personalised meal plans, including vegetarian and diabetic options.


You can visit the Tesco Diets website for more information.




Falling off the diet wagon?


If you are struggling to stick to you your diet and need a little boost, take a look at two of the UK's most popular weight loss supplements -


UniqueHoodia is a natural appetite suppressant designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer, and reduce your daily calorie intake.


Read more about UniqueHoodia here.




Proactol is the popular fat binder, which was recently voted the number one way to lose weight by the Telegraph newspaper.


Read more about Proactol here.








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