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NV Diet Pills

The NV diet pill is marketed as an all round weight loss and beauty pill.


It is celebrity endorsed by non other than Carmen Electra, and claims to make your hair grow, your nails strong, your skin beautiful and help you lose weight in the process. Read our NV review below.





NV Diet Pill Review



What are NV diet pills?


The NV diet pill has been marketed as a beauty pill, designed to encourage healthy weight loss, beautiful skin, great hair, and strong nails. So does it really live up to the marketing hype?


Carmen Electra seems to think so, and has stepped in to be the forefront of NXcare’s new advertising campaign.


Shown dancing around on a beach, hair blowing in the wind, she does her best to convince the world that NV is the answer to every woman’s woes - after all, if anyone needs a little help in the weight loss or beauty department it's Carmen!?


So is the NV diet pill effective?


To find out if the NV diet pill is really effective let's have a look at the list of ingredients and how each one works -


Taurine - Most commonly added to energy drinks to create a surge of insulin levels and boost energy.


Caffeine - Needing no introduction, this stimulant creates a surge of energy and can cause unwanted side effects in a percentage of users. Rapid heart beat being the most serious.


Green Tea Extract - The focus of a number of recent studies showing its effectiveness at boosting metabolism.


Hoodia Extract - Once the subject of a hugely expensive clinical trial by Pfizer, Hoodia (and its active molecule P57) can suppress appetite for up to 3 hours at a time.


Theobromine - The chemical thought responsible for promoting feelings of euphoria, naturally found in cocoa.


Silica, Collagen and Q10 - Added to encourage skin cell production, hair and nail strength, and to fight signs of ageing.


Are these proven weight loss ingredients?


On first impression the line up ingredients is actually quite impressive. However, it is only when you discover that the actual quantities of these ingredients are not listed and are in fact "hidden" behind a proprietary blend.


The total weight of each pill is much less impressive at only 267mg. This means that over 8 proven ingredients have been reduced to what appears to be an almost miniscule amount.


The NV diet pill conclusion   2.5/5


The supplement industry uses many tactics to market their latest weight loss or beauty products. Celebrity endorsement and proprietary blends can often be misleading for the consumer.


Our advice is to choose a product which has been clinically proven to work, rather than one that relies on testimonials from already thin celebrities to sell the product.


Alternatives to consider.... Nuratrim


Perhaps one of the most effective diet pills we have reviewed in recent years is Nuratrim.


Nuratrim is a combined fat burner and appetite suppressant which features a scientifically proven formula and has a fantastic reputation for giving real results.


Nuratrim is clinically proven to prevent cravings while boosting the metabolism using only safe and 100% natural ingredients.


Read more about Nuratrim in our Review



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