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Natural Hunger Suppressant 

We look at the best natural hunger suppressants, which range from drinking water to making sure you eat breakfast.


Find them all here, and help keep you cravings under control.






Natural Hunger Suppressant



What is the best hunger suppressant?


Nature has supplied us with many ways to suppress our hunger. The next 8 have been selected for being efficient, low cost and simple to implement into your current diet regimen.


Best hunger suppressant No.1


Exercise. In contrast to common belief, you do not "work up an appetite" through exercising. Exercise is a tried and tested hunger suppressant; it arouses hormones in the brain called endorphins.


These are your body's own supply of pain killers and are known to elevate mood and suppress hunger. (People who do not exercise regularly often lack sufficient levels of endorphins and instead seek their effect by comfort eating).



Best hunger suppressant No.2


Drink plenty of water on a regular basis. Your body needs adequate hydration long before it needs food. There are hundreds of studies which show drinking water can suppress hunger and limit snacking.


Next time you feel you need a snack, try a glass of cold water, wait a few minutes and see if the hunger persists.



Best hunger suppressant No.3


Steer clear of artificial sweeteners. Regardless of the well broadcasted knowledge of synthetic sweeteners having no calories, they are in fact bad for dieters. Several studies on both humans and animals have tested positively that artificial sweeteners do in fact induce hunger. You should avoid them at all costs, especially diet sodas, water is definitely the way to go here.


Best hunger suppressant No.4


Add zest & spice up your food. A modern study has shown that adding spices and seasonings to your meals can have an appetite suppressing effect. The science appears to show that the blander the meal, the more you need to eat to feel satisfied.


The great news is that herbal seasonings contain almost no calories at all, and of course add to the flavour of your meals.


Best hunger suppressant No.5


Never skip breakfast. An old one but crucial to weight loss, passing this vital meal of the day not only lowers your metabolism, it can result in you snacking later on during the day.


Best hunger suppressant No.6


Stay away from simple sugars and starches. Other than the clear high calorie content of sugars, sugars and starches are simple carbohydrates that can be speedily and easily converted into blood glucose. This results in a surge of blood sugar levels which just as quickly drops off, meaning your hunger soon returns. Protein foods and complex carbs such as wholegrain bread, potatoes and oats take more time to completely digest - keeping blood sugar levels stable.


Best hunger suppressant No.7


Eat Slowly. When you take the first mouthful of food at a meal, it takes nearly 20 minutes before your brain receives the signal from your stomach telling you that you’re full.


Get into the habit of having a bite, then waiting up to a minute before having any more. By doing this you will start to feel full on a much lower amount of food than you are normally used too.


Best hunger suppressant No.8


Supplement with a natural hunger suppressant such as Proactol - clinically proven to help prevent cravings and lower your daily calorie intake.


Proactol is one of the only over-the-counter diet supplements which is medically backed and approved by a number of leading doctors.


100% Natural, safe and free from side effects, Proactol is the reliable choice for those looking for appetite suppression.




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