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Gastric Band Pill Reviews

A Gastric Band is a form of bariatic surgery considered as a last resort for people who are morbidly obese. A gastric band restricts the amount of food that can be eaten by placing an adjustable band around the stomach.


The Gastric band pill however is a clever marketing gimmick, but is that all it is?





Gastric Band vs The Gastric Band Pill


The gastric band is a notoriously complex procedure which restricts the upper portion of the stomach and drastically limits the amount of food needed before you feel full.


The surgery is considered to be a last option for patients who are a high BMI, and are at serious risk from weight related illnesses.


It is also very rarely carried out due to the sheer volume of complications and side effects which can occur.


The Gastric band pill on the other hand appears to be a clever marketing ploy which is based upon a fairly mediocre appetite suppressant.


What exactly is the Gastric Band Pill?


The Gastric band Pill is made by the supplement manufacturer Clinico, who also sell other "surgery" alternative based diet pills.


These include the "Liposuction Pill" and the "30 minute reducing pill" - which claims to help you lose a dress size in an afternoon. We are not kidding here either.


According to the Clinico website the Gastric Band Pill is natural alternative to £5000 worth of surgery, and like a gastric band helps cut food intake.


How does the Gastric Band Pill work?


Despite a very long sales page which includes various "testimonials" and countless weight loss claims, there are no actual details at all as to how this diet pill really works.


One testimonial of the three featured concludes their review with -


"I canít imagine how it works but it does. Thanks so much for a genuine and worthwhile new idea. Every overweight person will want thisĒ


Why anyone would try a diet pill without knowing what it contains is a mystery to us.


More worryingly is the lack of any information on the actual ingredients, only revealing the gastric band pill consists of herbal compounds in very small print at the bottom of the page.


There is also the mention of media interest in the Gastric Band Pill, where it is claimed it has been featured in national newspapers.


Gastric Band ingredients?


None listed anywhere by the manufacturer.


Gastric Band Pill Side Effects?


This really depends on what is actually in the product, as this information is not given we are unable to advise here.


Gastric Band Pill Alternatives


Controlling your daily calorie intake is of course the most sensible way to lose weight. Clinically proven appetite suppressants outsell any other type of diet pill here in the UK.


However comparing an appetite suppressant to a gastric band is at best a little misleading.


Our recommendation for a safe, proven and effective appetite suppressant is Proactol - a natural cactus extract supplement which can curb cravings and lower your daily calorie intake.


Proactol is about as gimmick free an appetite suppressant as you will find. 


It is based on over 8 successful clinical trials and years of research, and is regularly featured as our readers most recommended diet supplement.


Read our Proactol Review


Product Suppresses Appetite Energy Booster Metabolism Booster Natural Ingredients Blocks Carbohydrates Blocks Fat Clinically Proven























Additional Information on Gastric Banding


Gastric Band surgery - a type of Bariatric surgery.


Gastric band surgery is usually carried out in as little as 30 minutes, although patients will need to undergo general anaesthesia and will also need to stop overnight.


The gastric band is fitted to the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch, this restricts the amount of food you can eat before you feel full.


The requirements for this type of bariatric surgery is that you must have a BMI of 40+.


People who smoke will need to stop, as smoking will hinder the recovery process once the gastric band has been installed.


There are a few risks involved, as with any surgery, and reports of infections of the abdomen and surrounding organs have been known to occur in a small percentage of operations.


Also vomiting or feeling the need to vomit can be a symptom of the newly fitted gastric band, and when eating too much for the newly adapted stomach to cope with.


Typically a gastric band costs around £7000, currently gastric band surgery is not available through the NHS.


laparoscopic gastric band surgery should not be entered into lightly, it is important to be aware of the risks and costs involved. Until recently weight loss or bariatric surgery was seen to be the only option for peope who are obese or who are struggling to control their weight.



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