Fat Binder or Appetite suppressant?

Choosing a fat binder or an appetite suppressant to support weight loss can be a hard choice. 


We take a look at the differences between the two so you can choose the right product for you.







Fat Binder or Appetite Suppressant?



Losing weight can sometimes seem an uphill battle. Today's busy lifestyles mean that few find the time to eat sensibly and healthily, and many people often find they don't have the time to exercise.


Fortunately there are now two proven ways you can kick start your weight loss - by using either a fat binder or an appetite suppressant.


Fat binders and appetite suppressants both work in different ways, let's take a look at the main differences below;


Fat Binders:


- Lower the overall calorie content of a meal, by reducing fat absorbtion.


- Will allow you to eat the same portions as normal but still lose weight

- Ideal if you find it hard to cut back on your favourite food stuffs



The top two, best selling fat binders in the UK are Alli and Proactol.


See how they compare side by side in our Alli Diet Pill Review.



Fat Binder Facts


It goes without saying that to lose weight you must restrict the amount of calories you need to eat.


Diet plans such as the famous Atkins diet or the cabbage soup diet are very restrictive in listing what you can and can't eat, these can be very hard to follow and for most people just inconvenient for their lifestyle. 


Family get-togethers, BBQ's, anniversaries, birthdays, and parties can all get in the way of your dieting needs, and those following a very strict diet find they soon start craving the things they can't have.


This is where a fat binder can help, of course you still have to watch what you eat, but by taking a fat binder you can remove around 28% of your daily fat intake.


This means you can still enjoy going out for your favourite meal without feeling you have broken a cardinal sin! A fat binder can help you lose weight without embarking on an extreme low calorie diet.

Appetite Suppressants:


- Suppress your appetite so that you feel fuller for longer

- Can reduce your daily calorie intake by up to 1,500 calories

- Stop overeating and help eliminate snacking between meals.

- Will cut down the amount you need to eat so you can lose weight quickly.



The undisputed king of appetite suppressants is still Hoodia Gordonii.


For more facts and our top recommendation click here - Hoodia P57.


Appetite Suppressant Facts


It is has been long known that a low calorie, low fat diet is essential for a healthy and active life.


An appetite suppressant will help you consume less food by making you feel full quicker, and for longer, preventing hunger and cravings which could cause your diet to fail.


An appetite suppressant works by fooling the hypothalamus gland - this is an area in the brain that senses glucose sugar levels - into thinking your body is full. Take a look at our Hoodia article for more information recent news clips - Hoodia P57

Which weight loss supplement should I choose?


Ultimately if you still want to eat the occasional large or fat laden meal then a fat binder is the way to go.


However if you feel you want to cut fatty meals from your diet, and lower your calorie intake, then an appetite suppressant is the right choice for you.


If you're still unsure, remember you are not restricted to using one over the other.


It is completely safe and a common choice to combine both products for the best of both worlds. A typical scenario for use would be by taking the appetite suppressant during the day to combat snacking and taking a fat binder in the evening when having a large family meal or dining out.


You do not need to combine both products as they work effectively on their own but if you do combine them you can control your weight loss to a greater extent and will see results much more rapidly.


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