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Dukan Diet Review 


We take a look at the Dukan Diet, the latest diet plan to hit our shores from France.


Apparently, French women swear by it, but does the Dukan diet work? or is it just another faddy scam?


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Dukan Diet Review



What is the Dukan diet?


The dukan diet is a type of restrictive diet plan similar to the Atkins which limits certain food groups, and focuses only on high protein intake.


Invented by Dr Pierre Dukan, the Dukan diet is currently being featured in many mainstream newspapers as an advert for Dr Pierre's upcoming diet book.


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Is the Dukan diet a scam?


While the science behind the Dukan diet appears to based on Dr Pierre's own findings, the diet plan should offer similar results to the Atkins as it essentially works the same, albeit with a higher restriction on fat intake.


How does the Dukan diet work?


When carbohydrates and fats are restricted, the body enters a state known as Ketosis, this encourages the body to attack its own fat reserves and break them down for energy.


However, keeping your body in this state does have its drawbacks, for one the toll it takes on the body can be high, complaints of low energy, heart palpitations and even damage to blood vessels are commonly reported side effects. The jury is still out on whether this is due to ketosis itself, or just a lack of adequate nutrition due to the highly restrictive nature of the diet.


Do we recommend the Dukan Diet?


For as many people we find who advocate the use of severe low-carb diet plans like Atkins and the Dukan Diet, there are twice as many who say the plans are damaging to the body, and almost always result in yo-yo dieting.


Our advice is that any kind of diet plan which cuts out important food groups such as vegetables and healthy fats is unlikely to provide any real long term benefits. While you may initially notice some weight loss, you may find the plan is just too hard to follow for any length of time.


The Dukan diet requires 4 stages which gradually allows you to add more variation in your diet, however for the plan to work you will need to always have one day per week where you only consume protein and nothing else. This means you will have to eat either chicken, fish, beef or turkey for every meal throughout that day, with no vegetables or rice/bread/pasta.


What we recommend


We think the Dukan diet plan will quickly fade into obscurity like many restrictive plans before it. Most dieters find that just controlling portion size and reducing daily calorie intake is the quickest and easiest way to weight loss.


If you can lower your daily calorie intake without cutting out certain food groups, then you will also feel much healthier on the inside as well as on the outside.
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With a huge range of proven diet plans available, Tesco Diets should be your first stop if you are considering embarking on a diet and need somewhere to start.


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