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Does Fibretrim work?

We look at Fibretrim, the weight loss drink manufactured by the makers of Zotrim.


Fibretrim uses the same proven Zotrim formula, but does Fibretrim work?


We look at how Fibretrim works, its ingredients, effectiveness and more in the Fibretrim review here.





Fibretrim Review - Does Fibretrim Work?



What is Fibretrim?

Fibretrim is a revolutionary orange and mango flavoured weight loss drink that is based on the hugely popular and successful formula of Zotrim.


Zotrim is a powerful and effective blend of 3 natural ingredients that suppress the appetite, reducing the desire to snack between meals whilst reducing the amount you eat at meal times.
Fibretrim takes the Zotrim diet pill formula one step further to provide a tasty, easy to consume weight loss drink that has been clinically tested and proven to dramatically reduce calorie consumption as well as having an impact on pre-launch hunger and desire to eat high fat, sweet items.


Fibretrim provides an easy and convenient method of controlling your hunger allowing you to eat less and effectively lose weight.


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How does Fibretrim work?


Fibretrim is based on the hugely successful Zotrim formula – a formula developed over more than 20 years of exhaustive research and development. Unlike other diet products, Fibretrim is an easy to consume drink that contains added Inulin.


Inulin boosts the Zotrim formula to provide an average reduction in food intake of 26.7% whilst also encouraging probiotics to develop and support your digestive systems natural defences, helping to reduce the effects of lactose intolerance (the sensitivity to daily products), subdue allergies and asthma symptoms and improving overall digestive health.
Simply mix one sachet of Fibretrim power with water (it tastes just like orange and mango squash – you wouldn’t know it was a slimming drink!) and consume before breakfast. An additional sachet can then be taken later in the day if you find your hunger pangs are starting to get the better of you.


Fibretrim Ingredients


Fibretrim is based on the hugely successful Zotrim diet pill formula – 4 natural, safe and effective ingredients with the added inclusion of Inulin, which provides a significant boost in Fibretrim’s ability to suppress the appetite and ward off those hung pangs.


Yerba Mate extract:  an ingredient that contains exceptionally high antioxidant levels that can cleanse the body. In fact the antioxidant levels were found to be as effective and as powerful as those found in the likes of Green tea.


Guarana extract: contains high levels of caffeine and other related compounds. Guarana causes a process called lipolysis to occur which means fat cells are encouraged to release fat into the bloodstream for fuel, resulting in the ability to burn fat reserves in the body a lot, lot quicker whilst also helping to improve memory and increase alertness.


Damiana extract: helps to provide some of the flavouring. As well as improving flavour, Damiana extract also has a long standing reputation as an aphrodisiac and works as a stimulate.


Vitamin C: Fibretrim also contains a high dosage of Vitamin C (25% of your recommended daily intake in fact). Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant whilst also helping to support your immune system.


Fibretrim Facts


 Reduces lunch time calories intake by 27%
 Medically proven and tested
 Based on successful Zotrim formula
 Reduces desire to eat high fat sweet items by 50%
 Perfect alternative to diet pills


Fibretrim Review Conclusion 


We’ve stated in our previous review of Zotrim that we feel the original formula is extremely effective, but perhaps not quite as powerful as some of the other leading appetite suppressants (such as UniqueHoodia).


With the inclusion of Inulin, Fibretrim now provides a huge and powerful boost to this safe and proven weight loss formula, and makes this weight loss drink just as powerful and effective (not to mention easier to consume) as any other appetite suppression product on the market.


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