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Diet Pills That Work

Finding diet pills that actually work can be a hard task. With so many diet pills on the market, which ones really work? We seperate fact from fiction and look at the top diet pills that guarantee to work from the day you try them.


We focus on two clinically proven products and put them through their paces. The results are in!




Diet pills that actually work without exercise



This feature looks at the top two clinically proven and safe diet pills of 2012 -


1. Capsiplex - 

A powerful fat burner containing high amounts of natural red hot pepper extract known to increase metabolism by up to 12x.


2. Proactol -

A dual action fat binder and appetite suppressant that can lower both calorie and fat intake.


Both are relative newcomers to the long established and often over-hyped world of over the counter diet pills.


However, what sets them apart from their many rivals is they both feature proven ingredients, carefully chosen due to overwhelming evidence of their effectiveness at promoting weight loss.


What is also interesting is how they each approach weight loss with a completely different angle. Capsiplex for instance claims to be the culmination of a huge amount of recent research into spices and their effect on regular metabolism, resulting in possibly the world's safest and most effective fat burner.


Proactol on the other hand focuses on a more preventative measure and works to reduce average portion sizes and cut the fat content; making a huge difference in daily calorie intake.


Even more impressive is the fact Proactol can also re-train long term eating habits after only a matter of months, this is vastly important as this prevents weight gain from returning once the product has been stopped.


The biggest selling point for many dieters is that unlike almost every other type of diet pill, Proactol can be phased out without yo-yo dieting.


So let's take a look at the credentials and facts on each diet pill -


Top Two Diet Pills That Work - Full Review


We look at the costs, availability, dosage and side effects, and compare them side by side, so you can decide which is the best diet pill for you.










Diet Pill Type


 Fat Burner

Appetite Suppressant

& Fat Binder

Active Ingredient



100% Natural Cactus Plant Extract


Proof of Effictiveness


Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven & medically backed



No restrictions


No restrictions

Pills Per Pack






1 Pill a Day

2-3 tablets after main meals

Side Effects


None reported





6 Month Full Guarantee

Price Per Month


From 26 based on 3

month supply

34 based on the 3 month supply




Worldwide (+ Postage)

 Worldwide (Free Postage Available)




Full Capsiplex review


Full Proactol review



Where To Buy


Capsiplex website


Proactol website



Which diet pill is the better option?


This is a bit of a toughie, and has so far caused the most arguments in the office. After much deliberation we have agreed on the following -


Capsiplex is the diet pill for you if you are already successfully following a low calorie diet, and just need that extra boost to tip the scales in your favour.


By priming and optomising your regular metabolism many dieters will find their weight loss results come much quicker and are more substantial than dieting alone.


Capsiplex burns as many calories as a 25 minute jog, so will make a big difference if you can pay attention to your daily calorie intake.


Proactol is the perfect diet pill for you if you are struggling to follow any diet for any length of time.


As Proactol almost eliminates the need for willpower and drastically slashes your regular calorie intake, it will make much more difference than trying to "burn" extra calories.


Diet Pills that Work - Conclusion 

So in a nutshell, Capsiplex for adding to your diet and making those results come quicker, and Proactol being the "support" if you are still eating too much and need help getting calories and fat intake under control.


However, for many dieters they find themselves in both categories - needing something to help keep calorie intake down, and also something to kick start the metabolic rate.


Those that find themselves in both camps certainly have a tough choice between the two.


For many, using Capsiplex and Proactol together can make for a pretty powerful combination leading to some pretty astonishing results. It is worth mentioning that this combo has proven to be safe and something which the makers of Capsiplex are now looking into. A Capsiplex and appetite suppressor package will be released very soon this year.


Whether the Capsiplex appetite suppressor will feature cactus extract is yet to be seen. As cactus extract is undoubtedly one of the safest and most effective natural appetite suppressants, it would be a shame not to see this used.


For the foreseeable future Proactol appears to be best option for suppressing appetite alongside Capsiplex.



Read more about Capsiplex in our Capsiplex Review


Read more about Proactol in our Proatol Review


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