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Capsiplex also known as the Chili diet pill, is the newest diet supplement to hit our shelves for 2010.


Favoured by celebrities, Capsiplex's slogan is 'Slim at your desk' and it claims to help you burn 278 extra calories per day. Looking to buy Capsiplex? then read our full review below.




Capsiplex Chili Diet Pills


Capsiplex Review


Capsiplex was released at the beginning of 2010 where it was marketed with the slogans "slim at your desk" and "25 minutes jogging or Capsiplex?".


Capsiplex appears to have gone from strength to strength since its release and has appeared in many prestigious UK magazines and newspapers.


Capsiplex is also believed to have won over some of Hollywood's finest. Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez are all said to have tried and recommended the product, while the US media commonly refers to Capsiplex as "the celebrity diet pill".



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How does Capsiplex work?


Capsiplex consists of red hot pepper extract and capsicum. It has long been understood that spicy compounds found in chillis (known as capscinoids) can supercharge the metabolism and burn up to 12x more calories.


In fact the makers of Capsiplex claim that just one capsule can burn an extra 278 calories or the equivilant of a 25 minute jog.


How much is 278 calories worth?


 1 hour 20 minutes of moderate walking 
25 minute jog (6 mph)
1 Avg. burger
2 Choccy chip cookies
1 Pizza Slice

45 Mins of bike riding



During the last decade there have been a number of significant clinical trials which have shown the vast amount of health benefits of consuming spicy food, Capsiplex is based on their findings.


Capsiplex and appetite suppression


In addition to boosting the metabolism, capsicum extract is also known to suppress the appetite.


Recent clinical trials carried out by researchers from Purdue University, Indiana found that consuming capsicum extract helps prevent cravings and can stop excess snacking and overeating.


Overeating is typically the number one reason why most diets fail; if you can stop snacking and take control of your food cravings you stand a much better chance at lasting weight loss.


This combination of reducing calorie intake and increasing energy expenditure is the key as to why Capsiplex has proved so successful.


Capsiplex sold a whopping 50,000 units within three days of its release here in the UK.


"30 minutes of swimming or Capsiplex - Capsiplex claims to boost the metabolism by 12x and help you eat less"


Is Capsiplex Effective?


We are yet to hear anything truly negative about this product, with user feedback and testimonials generally very positive. Tpyical reported weight loss is around 1-3lbs per week, with those who have more weight to lose reporting even faster results.



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Capsiplex side effects


Capsiplex should be well tolerated and should not cause any side effects. It has been designed with a special slow digesting coating to prevent any irritation from the red hot chili extract.


Even if you are normally sensitive to red hot peppers, Capsiplex does not cause any feelings of heat as it is gradually digested throughout the day. 


Capsiplex Dosage


One Capsiplex capsule should be taken daily in the morning (preferably before breakfast or exercise) with a glass of cold water. One bottle of Capsiplex will last one month when taken daily. 


Is Capsiplex worth buying?  


Capsiplex appears to be one step ahead of traditional fat burners (which normally contain harsh stimulants), and instead relies on recent scientific studies which prove hot spices can have an immediate effect on how calories are burned.


If successful clinical trials are anything to go by, Capsiplex can burn approximately 278 extra calories per day, or the equivalent of a 25 minute jog. For dieters looking for a natural and proven fat burner with zero side effects, Capsiplex should be at the top of their list.


Current Capsiplex Offers


Currently there is 10 off, with a one month supply now only costing only 29.99 (RRP 39.99).


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