Burning Calories

Looking to start burning calories? Take a look at the activities listed and see how many calories you could be burning, doing your favourite things.


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Burning Calories at home or outdoors, no need for the Gym!



Burning an extra 1000 calories a day can be done at home or outdoors without even stepping foot in the gym.


You could be burning calories taking the dog the for a walk or even dancing to your favourite CD.


Find out how many calories you can burn doing the following activities and zap over 1000 a day!


Please note - the follwing calorie expenditure is based on an 11 stone woman.






Calories Burned



Burning Calories Activity - Get Up and Go!





Put on your favorite CD and dance around the room for fifteen minutes




Walk up the stairs as many times as possible each day. Just 15 minutes will reap rewards.




At work, deliver messages to colleagues in person rather than emailing. You could tot up a couple of miles walking a day



Partner up with a friend and go to a forty five minute aerobic class after work or at lunch time




Sort through your clothes for an hour and give away any you haven’t worn for a year






   Calories Burned = 1021




Calories Burned



Burning Calories Activity - Enjoy the Outdoors!




Start your day with ten minutes of t’ai chi. Not only will it help to tone you up, but it will also de stress you and help you to focus on the day ahead




Spend thirty minutes tidying up your garden, mowing the lawn and pulling up the weeds




Spend ten minutes skipping in your garden





Go for a leisurely fifteen minute after dinner bicycle ride





Play ten minutes of croquet in the back garden





Take a hike into the country for a picnic. Allow yourself an hour for the round







   Calories Burned = 1010




Calories Burned



Burning Calories Activity - Family Time!





Play an energetic game of catch or Frisbee with the kids for thirty minutes





Hit the ice rink with your family and do a Torvill and Dean for forty minutes




Walk the dog around the block for thirty minutes





Paddle around a lake at a leisurely pace for ten minutes





Spend an hour cooking up one of your famous Sunday roasts with all the trimmings (low calories, low fat versions of course!)




Hit the supermarket for your weekly family shop, it should take about an hour. Remember to write your shopping list before you go – that way you’ll only come home with what you need, not lots of temping extras





   Calories Burned = 1079



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