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Appetite Suppressants

Read through all of our appetite suppressant reviews to find the right product for you. We only review natural supplements which have been proven to be effective.









Appetite Suppressants - Product Reviews



Proactol Review


Proactol is actually first and foremost a fat binder, however, it also slows down the speed of digestion and leaves you notably fuller for longer. Trials have shown that it is a competent appetite suppressant, and can reduce calorie intake by around 1000 kcals per day. Proactol is 100% natural, side effect free, and has one of the longest customer satisfaction guarantees we have seen (6 months). Read more - Proactol Review



Zotrim Tablets


Voted our readers favourite weight loss supplement in our January poll, this natural pill contains just three herbal ingredients. Zotrim has a dual approach to weight loss, it works as both an appetite suppressant and a fat metaboliser and has a total of 8 clinical studies proving its effectiveness. To celebrate the successful launch of Zotrims online slimming site, Zotrim is now available at generous discounts. Read more - Zotrim Tablets



Appesat Review


Appesat is made from seaweed extract and claims to be the worlds first "gastric band" in a pill. When consumed with water, Appesat swells up inside your tummy and stretches the stomach wall, stimulating sensors and sending a signal to your brain telling you you're full. The science sounds promising, but is it really any good at suppressing your appetite? Read our Appesat Review for the full scoop...



Best Appetite Suppressant


Snacking between meals is something we are all guilty of from time to time, even though we know it's probably the quickest way to weight gain. Your daily calorie intake can stack up pretty quickly without even realising, with many dieters complaining that hunger is the biggest obstacle when trying to lose weight. We look at the UK's best selling appetite suppressant to curb those hunger pangs. Best Appetite Suppressant.



Acai Berry Review


Acai Berry seems to be the talk of the internet at the moment, with bold claims that it can assist weight loss, reverse aging and boost the immune system. Acai Berry originates from the Amazon rainforest and is a rich anti-oxident. We put it to the test against the best selling fat binder Proactol, and new kid on the block - Appesat to see how it compares. Get the facts on Acai in the Acai Berry review





Phentramin-D Reviews


Phentramin-D is available over the counter from pharmacies without prescription. This diet pill claims to encourage weight loss by suppressing your appetite so therefore you consume less calories. But is it clinically proven? are there any unwanted side effects? and more importantly does it work? Read our review here to find out - Phentramin-D reviews






Reductil Side Effects


Reductil is the prescription only appetite suppressant, which is prescribed by doctors when other ways to lose weight have failed. We take a look at some of the side effects associated with taking Reductil, and how it works to suppress your hunger. Read Reductil side effects  




Fulfill Plus Tablets



Adipex Side Effects



Where can I buy Hoodia?



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