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Appetite Suppressant Foods

Find a list of the best Natural Appetite Suppressant foods, designed to keep hunger at bay and reduce the desire for snacking.


Proactol is one of the most potent and powerful natural appetite suppressants available.





A List Of Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods



What Are The Best Appetite Suppressant Foods?


Let's face it, dieting would be a whole lot easier if we could cut out those nagging cravings for our favourite high fat foods.


Giving in to tasty temptations and snacking when we know we shouldn't is the main reason while most diets never really get off the ground.


So, is there anything you can eat which will stop hunger, and control those cravings? We take a look at the options and see what really works.


Supplements vs Foodstuffs


When it comes down to healthy appetite suppressants, you have three options: Supplements, whole foods, or a combination of the two.


1. Appetite Suppressant Supplements


Proactol Plus


Proactol works by slowing down the rate at which the stomach is emptied after eating. This helps you feeling fuller for much longer, and helps eliminate snacking between meals.


Proactol is also a natural fat binder, helping to cut a percentage of daily fat intake without needing to change existing eating habits.


Thanks to this dual action of suppressing appetite and cutting fat intake, Proactol has recently been awarded as a certifeid medical device, and is endorsed by a number of leading doctors.


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Whey Protein


Whey protein powder has been applied for a long time by slimmers as an efficient natural appetite suppressant. Whey protein powder is also great for muscle growth, which is of major importance because muscle utilises fat.


It is also very cheap, convenient, and comes in an array of flavours. You could drink it as a scrumptious shake or add it to smoothies or any variety of food recipes. Buy Whey Protein from Healthspark



2. Appetite Suppressant Foods



This is possibly the least costly option of each of the healthy appetite suppressants you can choose from.


Drinking sufficient water throughout the day will do wonders to suppress your appetite. Normally hunger is confused as thirst so just drinking water at the first signal of hunger may straight away keep your appetite in check.


Another method is to drink an 8oz. beaker of water prior to each dinner. You may be shocked at how much less you consume.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Cabbage, spinach and lettuce are all fabulous appetite suppressant foods.


They are unmistakably low in calories and are a beneficial source of fiber. And here's a bonus - these are perceived to be "negative calorie" foods, because it may take additional calories for your body to digest these nutrients than there are in these foods alone!



I know what you're thinking, pickles? Yep, pickles - however not the popular commercial appetite-suppressant-foods-img6brand names you're accustomed to. They normally contain synthetic ingredients and sugar.


You need to search for the natural wholesome pickles found in fitness food shops or in the health food section of your favourite grocer.


Raw pickles, which are basically tiny cucumbers, only have a few kcals. An entire jar will have fewer than one hundred calories! Feel free to nibble on these mighty appetite suppressant foods every day without any remorse whatsoever!





Apples are great natural appetite suppressant foods, and contain only about one hundred kcals each. They are a beneficial source of fiber, and also have an extremely tiny amount of carbohydrate content.


Apples are ideal for a snack and make an incredible replacement for more calorie packed foodstuffs like cakes and French fries.


Appetite Suppressant Foods Conclusion


These are a few of the most effective, "guilt-free" healthy appetite suppressant foods you'll discover.


You’ll be able to manage your cravings and hold off binge eating by adding these into a low calorie diet. By doing this, you will also find that your fat loss efforts will not be as challenging!


Our number one recommendation for the best way to suppress appetite would be to use Proactol. 


Proactol one of the most effective and safest appetite suppressant available, and contains only 100% natural ingredients.


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