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Appesat Review

With the arrival of Appesat we thought it was time to review this new appetite suppressant.


We put it against another well known established product to see how it compares. Both have different mechanisms of getting to work but which one is more effective? The results are below.





Appesat Review - Is it really any good?



Appesat has recently been released in the UK amongst much anticipation. Although appetite suppressants have been around for a few years now, this latest hope for dieters promises to use a new weapon in the fight against the flab - seaweed.


Appesat is made by extracting fibre (Bioginate complex) from French Atlantic grown seaweed.


Is Appesat any good?


So how can seaweed possibly help you lose weight?


Well seaweed is exceptionally high in natural fibre (and like any high fibre produce) helps you feel fuller for longer and makes you want to eat less. This will help with food cravings, snacking and other dieting cardinal sins.


How does Appesat compare? 


Appesat has to make a big impact to lure people away from the other popular appetite suppressants such as Proactol and Meratol - both of which contain the clinically proven prickly pear extract. We decided to put these two clinically proven diet pills side by side to see how they compare.










Diet Pill Type


Appetite Suppressant

4-in-1 combined -

Appetite Suppressant

Fat Binder

Carb Blocker

Fat Burner


Active Ingredient


Fibre from Seaweed

Cactus Extract

Brown Seaweed


Prickly Pear

Proof of Effictiveness


Clinically Proven

 Clinically Proven 


Pills Per Pack




Average Reported

Monthly Weight Loss







Up to 9 Pills a Day

Only 2 pills a day

Side Effects


Can Upset Stomach


Price Per Month


From 24.95 - (if taking just 3 pills per day)


From 24.49 when ordering

4 bottle supply

Media Coverage


Daily Mail Jan '09

The Daily Mail

The Telegraph


New Magazine

Overall Rating


Available from- Evolution Slimming

Read the Meratol Review



Appesat Review


As the table above shows, both Appesat and Meratol are quite similar. They are both appetite suppressants (albeit with different active ingredients), both have some form of a guarantee, and both offer free shipping.


However, it is Meratol with its countless successful clinical trials, 4-in-1 action and positive user testimonials which edges it in our comparison.


Advantages of Meratol over Appesat:


     Meratol also boosts the metabolism and blocks fat and carbohydrate intake

     Meratol has been proven effective, even with no change in diet

     No side effects, safe to take for as long as you need too

      Medical endorsements and successful seperate clinical trials
    Comprises of 4 clinically proven and 100% organic ingredients
     Non-Drug classification - Available without prescription
    Manufactured in the UK with excellent customer support


Product Suppresses Appetite Energy Booster Metabolism Booster Natural Ingredients Blocks Carbohydrates Blocks Fat Clinically Proven























A selection of Appesat related comments from our readers - 


"I tried Appesat for 4 weeks and did lose a fair bit of weight, the only downside was the occasional stomach ache. Other than that, good product and recommended." - Karen J. from Stoke on Trent.


"Appesat was recommended to me by my friend after she lost over 10 pounds. I tried it for 2 months and didn't really lose a lot, so I won't be buying any more due to the high price tag." - Julie W. from Loughborough.


"After not having much success from using fat burners, I decided to give Appesat a try, however it made me feel a little sick and I had to stop using it after just a couple of weeks." - James S. from Grantham.


"Appesat is a complete waste of money, you would be far better off just adding more fibre to your diet." - Melanie P. from Maidenhead.


Appesat Review - Conclusion 

All of these factors add up to make it a bit of a no-brainer.


Both products can help you lose weight, however, Meratol carries many other benefits such as the lack of side effects, and the fact it can help you burn more calories while consuming less.


Read our Meratol Review



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