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Acai Berry Reviews

Our independent Acai Berry Review looks at two of the most popular Acai supplements, their cost, guarantees, and individual rating.


Did you know? Acai berries grow wild in the Amazonian rainforests. Recent studies have shown Acai can even help promote restful sleep and improve the appearance of your skin.





Acai Berry Review - Best Buy Acai Berry Supplements



Acai berry has been one of the most talked about "superfoods" of the last decade. As one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants available, it has been credited with a plethora of health boosting benefits.


However, the claim we are most interested in is Acai's apparent ability to supercharge the metabolism, effectively helping you to burn hundreds more calories without changes to your regular diet.


If you are already watching what you eat then this can mean the difference between trying to lose weight, and actually shifting those unwanted pounds.


Clinical research has shown that Acai can also prime the body to burn fat, while detoxifying the body. The anti-oxidants found in Acai can eliminate harmful free radicals which build up in our bodies, preventing certain diseases, premature aging and even some forms of cancer.


Supplementing with Acai is also known to provide a huge increase in normal energy levels. This positive side effect is highly beneficial for dieters who find they often feel tired and unenergetic due to a calorie restricted diet.


Our pick of the best two Acai supplements available and why:


While there are plenty of Acai supplements to choose from, only the following two products matched all of our strict criteria for genuine freeze dried Acai:




Pure Acai Berry




Product Description 


Pure Acai supplement containing additional natural compounds proven to increase metabolism.   

PAB contains nothing

else other than 1500mg per serving of freeze dried Acai Berry.


400mg Pure Acai berry

40mg Green Tea

200mg Guarana

5mg Chromium Polynicotinate

(all 100% natural)



100% Acai berry

Has the Acai been freeze dried prior to encapsulation ensuring freshness?



Does the product contain actual pure Acai?



Has the Acai been organically grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals?



Is there a Money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the results?

28 Day on unopend bottles.

180 Day money back guarantee (opened, used or otherwise) -

Longest of any Acai Product.

Side Effects

Not suitable for those who are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant or breast feeding.



Suitable for Vegetarians



2 Capsules per day

3 Capsules per day


1 Month Supply Cost



From 21 per month based on 6 month orders - 35 when purchased as a 1 month supply.



Fantastic Acai based weight loss supplement, featuring proven natural compounds which futher enhance your bodys ability to burn fat.


Ideal for anyone looking for a 100% pure Acai supplement, and expect the highest quality for the best price.

Rating and where to buy?

Only Available to buy from Evolution Slimming


Only available to buy from

Pure Acai Berry Website



Our Recommendation

While both products meet our strict criteria set out above, Pure Acai Berry slightly edges it in our comparison as a pure Acai supplement, due to the long money back guarantee and whopping 1500mg of Acai per serving.



AcaiPlus is an excellent second choice if you want all of the benefits of Acai with the additional metabolism stimulating effects of Green Tea and Guarana. AcaiPlus is considered the ultimate package if you suffer from a sluggish metabolism and want to give your diet a real kick start.



Acai Berries have been proven to:


 Burn fat using natural fatty acids.


 Raise energy levels and boost the metabolism.


 Thoroughly detoxify your body and strengthen the immune system.


 Help you lose weight with no change to your diet.


As a 100% natural supplement, Pure Acai Berry offers reliable weight loss with zero chance of negative side effects, something rarely seen with traditional "diet pills".


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