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Acai Berry Scams 


We take a look at the latest "free trial" acai berry scams.


Acai berry is extremely popular amongst dieters, and unfortunately this makes it a prime target for scams.


Buying Acai berry can sometimes be a case of buyer beware, but fear not, we show you the best place to buy it online.





Acai Berry Scams



Acai berry scams

Acai berry popularity has increased dramatically over the past

year or so thanks to a handful of celebs singing its virtues on American TV.


Many online shoppers eager to get their hands on products containing Acai berry, have ended up getting more than they bargained for after falling victims to one of the latest internet scams - Acai berry free trials.


The acai berry free trial scamacai-berry-scams-img5


The Acai berry Free trial scam, which usually centers on a free 14 day "unmissable" trial offer, is in fact normally just an overpriced subscription which is often designed to be extremely hard to cancel.


Common cancellation problems with acai berry scams:


1. The Acai berry product will be delayed so you do not have sufficient time to "trial" it and cancel before the 14 day deadline.


2. It will be very hard for you to contact them. (The terms and conditions will usually tell you it is up to you to cancel the free trial. You can usually expect to spend hours on the phone trying to contact somebody on their customer support number).
3. If you do not cancel the product before the end of the free trial period, you will be entered into a subscription which will automatically debit your credit card each month.


How much can a free acai Berry trial ending up costing you?


The subscription amounts vary from product to product, but be assured it will not be cheap! Average Acai berry trial costs are around $60 per month recurring!


Other Concerns With acai Berry Scams


As most of these Acai berry scams originate in Nigeria and other overseas countries, it can be very hard to pursue a claim.


Additionally because you agreed to the terms and conditions, you may or may not have a case with your credit card company.


This brings us on to another major concern, if these companies know they can't be sued, then why use "real" Acai berry in their products at all? They could in fact use fillers and preservatives in their capsules to make further profits.


How can I tell if the company is genuine?


If the company is offering a free Acai berry trial, then most likely it's a scam site - If you want to try Acai berry then our advice is to buy a legitimate product from a major outlet and share a package with a friend or relative.


Where to buy acai Berry


One trusted online store is Pharmacy2U, they stock Brazilian freeze dried Acai berry for around 20 or $30.


How does acai Berry compare?


Want to find out more about Acai berry and how it compares to other diet pills? Read our Acai berry review here.




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