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We decided to take a look at the best selling non-prescription appetite suppressant and fat binder in the UK.


Proactol cuts 28% of fat from the food you eat, and helps stop cravings and keep you feeling full.





Proactol - Stamp out Hunger and Lower Fat Intake


What is Proactol Plus?


Proactol Plus (now known as Proactol XS) is a 100% natural supplement which contains an active ingredient called Optunia Ficus-indica...or to you and me...prickly pear extract.


The makers behind Proactol Plus who are based in Nottinghamshire in the UK, claim that prickly pear extract acts as a natural fat binder and appetite suppressant; stopping around 28% of dietary fat from being absorbed by the body.


A bold claim, by any standard, especially when you factor in a six month money back guarantee if it fails to meet your expectations.




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How Does Proactol Plus Work?


 Helps prevent snacking and cravings

 Lowers the calorie content of an average meal by 150 kcals

 Reduces the fat content of an average meal by up to 27.4%

 Leaves you feeling fuller for longer


The science behind Proactol Plus is pretty impressive, and clinically proven. When taken, Proactol Plus immediately begins to bind to free-floating fats in the stomach - reducing the amount of digestable fat by around 28%.






Is Proactol an Appetite Suppressant or a Fat Binder?


Proactol works as both an appetite suppressant and a fat binder. 


This means that not only can you expect to cut out around 150 kcals per regular meal (and a quarter of its fat content), but you can also eliminate hunger between meals and cut out any excess snacking.


This can quickly add up to a big calorie deficit by the end of the week, without drastic changes to your diet or exercise levels. Clinical trials have confirmed average user weight loss of around 2-4lbs per week.


However, when Proactol is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the results can be even greater.


Proactol is one of the only proven appetite suppressants available which contains 100% natural ingredients and is free from harmful side effects. It is also classed as an over-the-counter supplement meaning there is no need for a prescription.


Are there any side effects?


No, Proactol has been the subject of 4 clinical trials which concluded that it is safe to take, even for long term use. The test subjects were also noted to have significantly reduced their cholesterol levels.


The Science behind Proactol


When Proactol is swallowed it releases two types of natural fibres...


Non-Soluble fibres

When the non-soluble fibres come into contact with dietary fats, they immediately bind with them to form a liquid gel.


This makes some fat molecules too large to be effectively absorbed by your body. The result is a reduction of around 28% fat or around 150 kcals per average meal.


Soluble fibres

The soluble fibres in Proactol are designed to bind with bile acids. When these two complexes meet they form a sticky solution which gradually slows down digestion within your body.


This sticky solution also slows down the absorption of glucose into your blood stream, making you feel full for up to three hours.


Where can you buy Proactol?


The Prickly pear cactus is an extremely rare and exotic plant, with strict export laws controlling the amount destined for use in the UK.


This means at present, Proactol is unable to be sold on a larger scale through major high street stores.


However this also means there are some great bulk purchase deals available, with huge savings on multiple orders.






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Proactol Testimonials


Proactol's release back in 2006 was also highlighted by the success story of 26 year old Laura Price, who dropped 6 dress sizes and lost almost one third of her body weight while taking Proactol.


The Daily Express was the first to pick up on the story in December 2006:


Laura was quoted as saying -


I began losing weight at the rate of 6lbs a week.”  Having shed more than five stone, she now weighs 136 lbs and is a size 10, down from a size 16."


“Losing weight has given me much more confidence,” she says. “For the first time in years, I’m taking an interest in clothes, I can go into my favourites stores and know that they’ll have clothes that fit me.”


Guntar Sinamerk is another of the many testimonials found on the Proactol website, who at 49 had battled keeping his weight under control for more than 15 years.



Guntar found that Proactol helped keep his cravings under control while reducing the fat content of his daily meals. After 6 months of use, Guntar lost an incredible 4 stone and explains he now feels more energetic and lighter on his





Sophie from Nottingham was another happy customer and decided to describe her expericene with Proactol on Camera. Click the play button above to watch her testimonial on the official website.


 See More Proactol Testimonials


Conclusion - Is Proactol worth buying?   5/5


For many dieters Proactol is a godsend, as it works to keep you fuller for longer and less likely to turn to snacking or overeating.


As anyone who has dieted before will testify - hunger and cravings are often the main reason why most diets fail.


Proactol also helps encourage long term weight loss, and can help prevent weight-gain even after you have stopped taking it. This is the result of a gradual reduction in the size of your stomach as calories are reduced over time.


Unlike typical diet supplements, or indeed other fat binders, Proactol does need to be taken forever and does not cause yo-yo dieting.


If the many positive testimonials are anything to go by, Proactol seems to be every penny as good as the manufacturers claim.


  •  Awarded Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
  •  Lose 2-4lb per week
  •  Contains 100% natural and organic ingredients
  •  Naturally lowers cholesterol and fat intake
  •  Helps prevent cravings and snacking
  •  Clinically proven to help you lose weight
  •  6 Month money back guarantee





Save an extra 10% on all Proactol packages at Bauer Nutrition. Click the link below to activate and use the following coupon code: KL10 on the checkout page to receive your discount.


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Recent Proactol Comments


Better than Alli

"After hearing about the unpleasant side effects of Alli, I decided to order Proactol Plus as a natural alternative. After two weeks of use I have lost 4lbs and have not experienced any discomfort or bloating. Highly recommended" - Heather Clifford, Northhampton


Stopped my cravings

"Proactol Plus keeps me full between lunch and my evening meal, and cuts out a lot my usual snacking on biscuits and crisps during the day. I have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks." - Dawn Richardson, London


Makes dieting a synch!

"I find it much easier to diet when using this product, no more hunger and craving for sweets. Proactol Plus has made a big difference to the way I eat. Thanks!" - Hillary Owen, Chesterfield


The only thing which has worked for me

"I tried Proactol Plus after using Adios Max and Capsiplex for two months with zero results. My biggest weakness was pizza - something which I still can not live without! Proactol Plus stops most of the fat from being absorbed, and means I can still enjoy the occasional treat without feeling guilty. I look better now than in my 20's. Recommended." - Victoria Penn, North Wales


My little secret!

"There is always that family meal or BBQ that crops up whenever you are trying to diet. If I know I am going to have a heavy meal, I just take 2-3 tablets of Proactol Plus and forget about it. Always keeping a box of Proactol in my handbag in case of emergency!" - Samantha Barnes, Norfolk


Highly Recommended

"I have Used Proactol Plus for three months and have been truly blown away by the results. I weighed 15 and a half stone before and have lost 2 stone without really changing anything. Although it is a little expensive, the results have more than made up for it. Fantastic supplement!" - Karen Hall, Germany


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