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If you're looking for 100% pure and genuine Hoodia, then UniqueHoodia should be at the top of your list.


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UniqueHoodia - Stops Cravings and Hunger Fast


One of the best selling appetite suppressants in the UK - UniqueHoodia contains just one powerful and natural ingredient - Hoodia Gordonii, but what is Hoodia and how can it help you lose weight?


What is Hoodia Gordonii?


Hoodia Gordonii is a wild cactus which grows on the plains of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. It has been the focus of countless studies since the 1960's and has proved in clinical trials to effectively promote weight loss by controlling daily calorie intake.


          Hoodia Top Facts           


  $20 million has been spent

  on Hoodia research in the UK.


  Hoodia is very expensive to

  cultivate and costs around $300

  per Kilo.


  The Kalahari desert is the only

  place in the world Hoodia grows



   P57 found in Hoodia acts on

   the hypothalamus part of the

   brain, and lowers your appetite

   for up to 3 hours.



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How Does Hoodia Gordonii Work?
Hoodia works by mimicking natural chemicals which are usually produced when we consume a large meal. This can literally "fool" the brain into thinking you have already eaten, helping you to effectively control cravings and cut down portion sizes.


This powerful effect can last several hours with normal appetite returning after three to four hours. Hoodia's natural composition and method of action also means it is free from any negative side effects. 


How can Hoodia help me lose weight?


While there are literally hundreds of weight loss supplements on the market, the main distinction is that appetite suppressants such as Hoodia do not need to be taken forever to keep the weight off.


This is because Hoodia quickly helps you to re-train long term eating habits by limiting the amount of calories you consume each day.


By controlling portion sizes your stomach will get used to eating much less and naturally shrink in size, this means you will find yourself feeling full much quicker and for longer.


Hoodia should help you cut out around 500-1500 calories per day depending on your current calorie intake. For most dieters this should promote weight loss of around 1-5lbs per week which will gradually reduce as you reach your goal weight. 

Why do we recommend UniqueHoodia and not other forms of Hoodia?


It is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 Hoodia supplements do not contain adequate amounts of Hoodia, or worse still, contain no Hoodia at all.


As Hoodia is a natural plant it is effectively considered as a herbal supplement. This means that suppliers do not have to pass the same quality control as its drug classified counterparts. This leads to many supplements using inferior extract or even fillers and binders to "bulk" up the quantity of produce.


UniqueHoodia on the otherhand, contains no binders, fillers or preservatives just 460mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii.


It is also manufactured to the highest standards and is screened for harmful bacteria such as E.coli.


There are many places online claiming to do this, but UniqueHoodia is one of only a handful of licensed UK Hoodia importers who use genuine African Hoodia Gordonii actually farmed in South Africa.


It is for this reason we only recommend UniqueHoodia and advise people to avoid cheap imitation Hoodia pills which have little or no Hoodia content. Hoodia is very expensive to farm, so any product claiming to contain Hoodia should not be available too cheaply.





What you should look for when choosing a Hoodia supplement:


It should only contain Hoodia Gordonii extract

It has full certification proving where it originates from

It has has been screened for dangerous bacteria

The Hoodia has been steam dried to maintain freshness

It contains no lubricants, fillers or other preservatives

UniqueHoodia is our # 1 recommendation for a safe and

natural way to supress your appetite.



Order UniqueHoodia


Full organic certification, certificates of analysis (proof of 100% purity), and certificates of origin (genuine African hoodia) can be found here -

UniqueHoodia Certification


Unique Hoodia Rating 


 Biologically clean Hoodia extract.

 Steam dried, maintaining freshness.

 Follow any diet without cravings

 Certified African Hoodia Gordonii

 100% Pure no binders or fillers. 


What we love about UniqueHoodia   


UniqueHoodia offers long term weight loss due to the gradual re-training of your regular eating habits. Unlike other diet products we have reviewed, Hoodia does not need to be used forever to keep the weight off.


Hoodia has also been shown to lift your mood, giving you greater motivation when following a low calorie diet. Clinically proven to help you lose weight, and side effect free, UniqueHoodia comes highly recommended.


Only available to buy from the UniqueHoodia website


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